6. LpeWeigh object

LpeWeigh object (new in version 0.2) allows to catch weigh events from CAS LP-15 electronic scales via Ethernet interface.


For more information please refer to the scales manual

The members of the LpeWeigh class (in alphabetical order, Visual Basic notation):

6.1. Start

Function Start(hostname As String, portnum As Integer, scales As Integer, millisec As Long) As Integer

Connect to the scales and poll for weighing with specified interval.

Parameters: hostname - IP address of the scales; portnum - port number; scales - scales number; millisec - polling time interval in milliseconds

Return value: 1 - successful, 0 - failed

6.2. StateDualRange

Property StateDualRange As Integer

Dual range mode =1:on, =0:off.

6.3. StateItem

Property StateItem As Integer

Goods number (PLU) currently weighed.

6.4. StateOverload

Property StateOverload As Integer

Overload, =1:true, =0:false.

6.5. StatePrice

Property StatePrice As Double

Goods price for kilogram or pound (depends on your locale).

6.6. StateStableWeight

Property StateStableWeight As Integer

The weight is stable, =1:true, =0:false.

6.7. StateTareMode

Property StateTareMode As Integer

Tare selection mode is =1:on, =0:off.

6.8. StateValue

Property StateValue As Double

The total cost for the currently weighed goods.

6.9. StateWeight

Property StateWeight As Double

The absolute weight for the currently weighed goods.

6.10. StateWeightSign

Property StateWeightSign As Integer

Weight sign, =1:minus, =0:plus.

6.11. StateZeroWeight

Property StateZeroWeight As Integer

Zero weight, =1:true, =0:false.

6.12. Stop

Function Stop() As Integer

Stop polling and disconnect from the scales.

Parameters: -

Return value: 1 - successful, 0 - failed

6.13. Weighed

Event Weighed()

This event is fired if weighing happened on the scales. After that, state parameters can be read from properties StateDualRange, StateItem, StateOverload, StatePrice, StateStableWeight, StateTareMode, StateValue, StateWeight, StateWeightSign and StateZeroWeight.

Parameters: -

Return value: -